Jayanth Kannan - Info

I’m currently the Lead Developer for cross platform Xamarin apps at Future Workshops Ltd., a central London based Mobile Agency which has worked on several high profile apps on various platforms. I’m also the Customer Success engineer on Future Workshops’ enterprise mobility product - Harmony Platform where I use Ruby on Rails to create micro-services to satisfy customer use cases.

I worked for a year at a gaming startup based in Brighton, UK which is responsible for building the Tango Chase iPhone app as a Technical Director, developed the well-praised LastMinute.com Windows Phone 7 app as well as the ParcelGenie Windows 8 app which allowed me to specialize in Microsoft’s next generation Metro application design principles.

I completed my Masters of Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Systems) course at the University of Sussex, UK. with a distinction.

At Nexxoft Ltd, I served as the Chief of Interactive Technologies working on technologies like 3D Security, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for over a year

As for my early career, I co-founded Raptor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India in 2001 and was heading the Operations as well as Development as COO upto May 2009 when it was acquired by Nexxoft Infotel Limited. As Raptor I have worked on and managed several projects from General Motors, Kuju, Caster Racing, US Air Force, Tata, BEL to name a few.

Specialties: Product Ownership, Architecture Design and Prototyping, 3D and AI Programming, Content Development, Code-Content Pipeline Management, Personnel skills and team player.

Platform Specialties: Windows UWP, Windows Phone, Unity3D, C++ , C#, XNA, XAML, WPF/Silverlight, Swift for iOS app development and most recently, Xamarin.

Areas: Games, Simulations, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile / Tablet Apps